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We See You...

As a service provider, you're on a mission to get clients willing to pay for your services because they see your value. Couriering these clients' favor will allow you to live comfortably, take care of yourself and your family, and do what you love.

The Problem Is...

Deep down, you've realized that potential clients don't fully understand what you do to value it, so when they hear your services' cost, they run away. 

You are now left wondering how you will pay all your bills. You also wonder if your business will survive and if you have to go back to working a 9-5 again. Every day you wonder how all this stress affects your health because it is already starting to show signs that it is.

Feeling drained, like a failure, limited, unhappy, and stuck, was never part of the plan. And if nothing changes, you know something will have to give.


But gnawing at you is the thought that if you give up now, you will live the rest of your life with this regret because you felt like if others could figure this out, why can't I?

The Solution...

Have you considered that bridging the gap between your potential clients knowing and trusting you could be the issue?

There are seven stages to the client journey process - know, like, trust, try, purchase, repeat, and refer. 


Brazen Marketer helps you to get liked. Think of what we do like baking a cake. Yes, in the end, you want a beautiful cake, but what have you done to make it taste good. 

Brazen Marketer helps you with the ingredients that determine if someone likes your cake and doesn't just think it is pretty.

Brazen Marketer does with the creation of a brand strategy tailored to your unique business.

A brand strategy helps to strategically make your brand likable so that people can move on to trusting you and doing business with you.


Creating a brand strategy is the step you take before crafting a logo, website, website content, or social media posts to ensure alignment with your brand goals.
​Having a brand strategy isn't just for businesses who have been operating for years, either. It's for any business owner who wants to give their business a competitive advantage and a fighting chance to be profitable.​
And unlike most branding firms, Brazen Marketer goes through a bespoke brand strategy process in weeks instead of months to provide marketing strategy guidance, powerful website content writing, tasteful website builder-based sites, and thoughtful social media marketing. 

Only a few businesses are selected each month for our unparalleled services.

Why Brazen...

Brands trust Brazen Marketer as the brand strategist who can create thoughtful brand strategies that reveal their content and creative direction because a brand strategist leads Brazen Marketer. 
The owner, Vanessa, also has over 15 years of experience working with small businesses, nonprofits (development director and marketing executive positions) and extensive market research experience under 70 client accounts at Ketchum PR, including PepsiCo, Chase, 3M, FedEx, and more.
Academically, she graduated top of her class with an MS in Integrated Marketing from West Virginia University, certified in Media Management through New York University, and has her BS in Political Science from Tufts University. 
She is also on the marketing committee for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and marketing managing associate for the Better Local Business Agency (BLBA), helping MWBE contracting firms with marketing.

Our Vision

To help businesses worldwide grow and scale for the economic empowerment of their communities, particularly minority-owned businesses, statistically known to struggle with entrepreneurship and business growth.

Our Mission

To provide brands with bespoke brand strategies that reveal their content and creative direction, which, if desired, Brazen Marketer can help measure and execute against.

Learn how to speak to your target market in a way that makes them feel heard and understood.

Our Values


We help brands become wealthy, powerful and established brands that are trusted, timeless, and respected.


We help brands, and the people behind them, successfully position themselves as leaders within their industry.

Scrupulous Attention to Detail

We create thoughtfully crafted messaging based on detailed market research to influence a brand’s perception.


We want to be the ultimate mentor on your path to reaching the top.

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Providing brands with bespoke brand strategies that reveal their content and creative direction, which Brazen Marketer measures and executes against.

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We are a black-owned brand and marketing agency and a Minority and Women-Owned Certified Business (MWBE) in New York City and New York State.

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