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Brazen Marketer is a digital marketing agency owned by Vanessa Matthew dedicated to helping your business grow so that you can live the life you've always wanted.

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...and it transformed into the consultancy, Brazen Marketer.

In 2001, Vanessa Matthew put together her first event at Tufts University freshman year at the age of 16 (super young and gifted). The room, packed with fondue lovers, brought her joy. Who doesn't like fondue?


Since then, she has planned and executed roughly 65 events! And, she never had an event that did not exceed everyone's expectations. 

Now, she wants to help event planners bring joy to others - the same joy she felt from her first event. Complementary businesses are welcomed, too!

Within the last 19 years, Vanessa was not just an event planner, but also a market researcher at Ketchum Public Relations. There, she did work on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, from PepsiCo to Hewlett-Packard. After, she became a marketing director while obtaining her MS in Marketing from WVU. She now offers all her lessons learned to you.

Brazen Marketer believes in meaningful work. And as a digital marketing consultant, Vanessa is passionate about what she does.

Core Value

Failing forward is a virtue. Failures are opportunities to grow, test, and get better. The process of trial and error is where all the magic happens. So, with a positive attitude and excellent service, we pursue magic.