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You’re educated, hard-working, and know that your future and success is in your hands. And with everything all on you, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to take some of the pressures of your business off your shoulders. 

Guess What?

You can do so with a strategy for your brand. Strategies, just like processes and systems, can be freeing for a business owner like yourself. It gives you less to worry about and more time to enjoy life, all while growing a profitable business. 

Here's How

By working with Brazen Marketer, we can provide you with a Brand and Communications Strategy Playbook that will help you to represent your brand in the best possible way and make marketing your business easier.

A Playbook?

For more context, your Playbook will be a document you can share with your team or the vendors you work with to give you more control over how you, and those you work with, bring your brand to life. 

There's More

Our thorough process for creating this Playbook involves using psychology and empathy to create a strategy to attract more of your ideal clients to your business while making it easier for you to market your business in a more pulled-together, trustworthy, and established way. 

This type of brand strategy is made possible because only Brazen Marketer is led by me, Vanessa Matthew.

About Me

I am an NYS/NYC MWBE-certified business owner who has been in marketing for over 15 years with past employment in executive marketing and communications roles.


I am trained and university-educated in best-in-class approaches to brand strategy, audience insights, competitive analysis, and surveying. I am also well-versed in ethnography, integrated marketing communications, and design by marketing and brand leaders. 


My expertise makes it possible for you to receive clear-cut brand guidance you can use to grow a more profitable business that makes you proud of yourself, respected by clients, admired by peers, and looked up to by your children. 

My Promise

And to you, I promise you will not only feel heard but that you will gain peace-of-mind in knowing that you didn’t waste your money on strategy because you would have received the guidance needed from our strategy to market your business more effectively.


Let’s work together. We only select five businesses at a time to work with for this high-level service.

My Vision

To help as many people as we can with ownership over a brand to feel seen, heard, acknowledged, respected, accepted, embraced, trusted, and supported because if you want to help others positively, what you have to say and what you have to give to the world matters.

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Providing clear-cut brand guidance to help you market your business more effectively. Once your brand strategy is created, we can help you with a website design and your social media presence. 

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Brazen Marketer is a black-owned brand and marketing consultancy and a Minority and Women-Owned Certified Business (MWBE) in New York City.

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