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Brazen Marketer was created from a desire to understand marketing.

Then, to share that understanding with others when it began as a blog in 2007. 

I had read somewhere that the best way to master something is to teach it to others. So, that was what I decided to do.

Now, it is a consultancy based in New York City, where I was born and raised. 

(I was born in Harlem, but I am a longstanding resident of the Bronx.)

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And as a consultancy, my desire is for Brazen Marketer to become a trusted source of knowledge and to help clients succeed. 

And with over 15 years of experience in senior-level marketing roles, I not only help professional service providers with their marketing but also challenge them to think about marketing their business in new ways.

I encourage clients to make marketing decisions based on research, not haphazardly.

Would every business owner be ready to take this journey? No

If you’re looking for monumental business results overnight...

then you’re looking for false promises. I am not that type of marketer.

I am upfront, honest, and operate with integrity. And me being honest means setting realistic expectations for what can be achieved.

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Just know that when working with Brazen Marketer, you never have to worry about being misled but instead informed and empowered. You will leave working with me better off, as..

I believe brands and the people behind them can express themselves in an authentic way that connects with others through marketing and a sound brand strategy.


I graduated top of my class with a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing. This was after working for over 15 years in Marketing. 

During this time, I led marketing and fundraising departments.


I was also a market researcher for Ketchum PR, where I worked on 70 client accounts, including PepsiCo, Dr Pepper Snapple, Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Chase, MasterCard, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Bentley, Cottonelle, Weight Watchers, Covidien, and more.

So, for you, I have both the practical application of marketing under my belt...

...and have been trained on audience insights, brand equity management, campaign development, social media marketing, and creative strategy and execution. 

Prior to this, I became certified in Media Management by New York University to be able to create multi-channel marketing executions and strategic plans.

Approaching marketing with a focus on brand strategy also has a lot to do with what makes me so good.

I work with clients to make sure their brand has a personality and a clear idea of who their ideal client is.

My clients learn how to speak to their clients in a way that makes them feel heard and understood.

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