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About Brand Strategy

First, you must know that a brand strategist researches your target audience and competitors to provide your brand with a voice, personality, and messaging that will attract your dream clients and help you stand out. 


From your brand strategy blooms your brand platform, brand guidelines, and a communications strategy to deliver engaging client experiences.


The brand strategy allows you to increase business with less salesmanship because your brand expression will be more powerful and authentic.

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A Necessity, Not A Luxury

A brand strategy keeps your brand focused and lays the foundation for all marketing activities.


If you're on a mission to attract more clients willing to pay for your services because they see your value, a brand strategy is necessary, not a luxury. 


Creating a brand strategy is the step you take before crafting a logo, website design, website content, or social media posts to ensure alignment with your brand goals. 

Attract the Clients You Really Want

If you continue to attract everyone but your ideal clients, you are in the right place. Let’s build a brand that attracts your dream clients and boldly connects you more deeply to them.


A brand strategy also allows you to:

  • Gain a competitive edge over your competition

  • Communicate a consistent brand message

  • Influence your client's perception of your brand

  • Increase the return on your marketing dollars

  • Push for premium pricing

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Strategy Is Right For You If You...

  • Are serious about growing your business.

  • Are ready to make a real investment in your brand.

  • Want to market your business with a methodology.

  • Have a brand with an inconsistent look, feel, and message.

  • Had someone tell you that you needed one.

  • Are attracting clients who are not ideal.

  • Have a gap in your ability to position and sell your services.

  • You don't know who your ideal client is for your business.


Brand Clarity Roadmap

Through virtual workshop series, Brazen Marketer will align your business goals with brand and communications strategies.



Discovery and Strategy

In this phase, we will work together to ensure that your brand's foundation is solid and understand your target audience.


Exploring your brand's DNA will help to underpin how the expression of your brand.

This process includes a 3-hour brand strategy workshop. Depending on the service you select, hours of research.

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Design and Production

Brazen Marketer will provide your brand's visual direction at this stage.

Once we agree on your brand's visual direction, your brand can be brought to life by our brand identity designers to express your new brand direction graphically.

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Activation and Launch

Here is where Brazen Marketer will express your brand digitally and on social media taking all the information in Phase 1 and 2 to discuss your long-term strategy for growth and create either:

  • Engaging website content

  • A website designed in Wix

  • Social media posts

The Lean Brand Audit

If you want some insight into how you can improve your brand presence from a high-level, the Lean Brand Audit is for you.


We will evaluate your brand assets, brand platform, brand vs. your marketing and business objectives, communications, and provide recommendations. 


This audit does not include individual interviews, focus groups, or in-depth market research.


Your investment: $4,500+

This payment can be divided over four months with a 10% service fee. Inquire for custom pricing and if you have questions.

The Simple Brand Strategy

If you have a modest budget, a simple brand strategy is a great way to determine your business' strategic brand direction.


Instead of investing in market research to support your strategy, Brazen Marketer will underpin your brand strategy with insights gathered from just a one-on-one workshop session.


You can always come back to Brazen Marketer for a more robust brand strategy when you are more situated in your market with the resources to invest in market research for a more informed strategy.

Your Investment: $2,500

Pricing is subject to change in the future.

The Refined Brand Strategy

Under this brand strategy service, you will understand who your ideal target audience should be. You will also learn how to best position your brand in your competitive landscape. Both are determined from very in-depth market research.

This service includes Zoom virtual workshop sessions (up to 3 hours) to help create your internal brand and details about the personality, voice, tone, colors, and fonts you should use for your brand you will use for the foreseeable future.

Brazen Marketer will then create a Brand Strategy Playbook -- a document you can share with your team or the vendors you work with to give you more control over how you and other people you work with bring your brand to life.

Your Investment: $15,000+

This payment can be divided over six months with a 10% service fee. Inquire for custom pricing and if you have questions. (Avg. competitive price: ~$50K).

The Signature Brand Strategy

You will receive everything mentioned under The Refined Brand Strategy in addition to a Communications Strategy.


The Communications Strategy details the marketing channels that would best suit your business, key messages with your brand's hierarchy for your brand beyond the positioning statement, and a client journey funnel.

Your Investment: $20,000+

This payment can be divided over six months with a 10% service fee. Inquire for custom pricing and if you have questions. (Avg. competitive price: ~$50K+)

The Grandeur Brand Strategy

You will receive everything mentioned under The Signature Brand Strategy in addition to an audit of a website, up to 7 pages, and a social media audit with insights.

Your Investment: $30,000+

This payment can be divided over six months with a 10% service fee. Inquire for custom pricing and if you have questions. (Avg. competitive price: ~$60K+)

Turnaround time for Refined, Signature, and Grandeur Strategies: Usually 8-10 weeks

Additional audiences or competitors to research increase pricing.

Survey development, interviews, and focus groups are an additional cost​.

Flexible payment plan options are available.

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Brand Strategy Services and Packages


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