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(Brazen Marketer is currently booked for 2020 and only taking new projects for January 2021.)

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Brazen Marketer only works with up to five (5) clients per month. We will have a call to discuss when we can start working together.


When we agree on a date, you will receive a contract and invoice for an agreed-upon deposit of the project total cost to secure your spot for your project.


Prepare for our work together.

Depending on your service, you will receive instructions on preparing for our work together, along with a Client Welcome Kit.


We will work together.

When your start date arrives, we will begin working together.



When we are finished working on your project, your payment arrangement will remain in place until paid in full, as stated in your contract. You will then be off-boarded as a client unless you have booked multiple projects with Brazen Marketer.


Payment plans are accepted but incur a monthly 10% project fee. Flat fees are for projects paid in full before the start of our working relationship.

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Diversity Certifications

Brazen Marketer is a black-owned brand and marketing consultancy and a Minority and Women-Owned Certified Business (MWBE) in New York City and New York State.

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