10 Fantastic Ways To Generate Leads For Your Practice and Get More Butts In Seats

I see that you are ready for some more marketing tips on how to generate leads for your practice! It's an honor to present you with this list. You can also download this full list.

Tip #1

Pay For Social Media Posts

It is nice to get the word out about your business on social for free. But, don't complain about free posts not yielding desired results.


When you pay to share posts across social media:

  • Your posts will reach more people for longer

  • You can reach more than just 5-6% of followers.

  • You can target messaging based on:

    • Age

    • Geography

    • Income

    • And, more!

  • You can track your return on your investment.

Tip #2

Establish a Facebook Business Page

Don't just create a business page on Facebook. Make sure you include worthwhile information, too.


Your 'About' section should provide information about who you are. It would be best if you also spoke to how you want people who visit your office after seeing you.


When it comes to your posts, share relevant information about:


  • Your practice and anything new happening 

  • Skincare tips

  • Information on the procedures you practice offers

  • And more, as long as you are HIPAA compliant.

Tip #3

Create an Optimized Website

You need an online home for your medical practice. You're in a technical/scientific field in which you must educate people before they decide to come to you. 


With this said, make sure your website provides educational content. Content that is provides information on dermatology procedures and treatments. 

Focus On The Emotional Appeal

Most importantly, focus on the benefit of coming to you. The real wants that people have when they come to you for any particular procedure or surgery. 


For example, this could be a lifestyle benefit. Let's say it is the ability to walk down the beach hand in hand with your partner with beautiful, smooth legs. 

Tip #4

Leverage Reviews/Testimonials

About 90% of people trust online reviews as much as they would trust the opinion of a family member or friend. So, make sure to claim a listing on Google, Yelp, Angie's List, Health Grades, RateMD, RealSelf, and ZocDoc. Give patients places to go to leave a review for you. 


Handling Negative Reviews


Once a person leaves a review, good or bad, be sure to respond respectfully. Do not become defensive if they are bad. Instead, find out what you can do to help your patient.


Prospective patients look at reviews from patients and your response to these reviews.


You can also email your unhappy patient. Ask them to call the office and apologize for the experience while finding out how to clear up the matter. 

Tip #5

Create A Referral Program 

A referral is just as good as a positive review of your practice. And, you know how important positive reviews are to your practice. The key is to focus on more than just your patients.


You want to incentivize your employees to make referrals. You want to get hospitals and non-competing physicians and clinicians to make referrals. 


Non-competing aestheticians, salon owners, and health clubs are also excellent connections to make. You want to identify these audiences and create custom rewards for each.

Tip #6

Host Events At Your Practice

Hosting events to small groups to discuss a particular, product, or service is a great way to attract new patients to your practice.


Your event can even include refreshments and door prizes. Invitees can consist of the public, colleagues, and referral coordinators from clinics and hospitals. 

This strategy usually results in about everyone who attends scheduling a treatment.

Tip #7

Create An E-Newsletter

Promoting an e-newsletter on your website and social media is a great way to build a connection with people interested in your services. It is also great for re-engagement campaigns.


People who are interested in your services are more likely to book an appointment with you. And, emails keep you top of mind when prospective patients need your services.

Tip #8

Connect With Your Community

If you want members of your community to know who you are, it is time to get outside. Call local schools and communities to participate in health fairs and give skin cancer screenings.


Call your local libraries or chambers to book a room to host a free lecture on skincare tips. You can even host lunch-and-learns at local assisted living facilities.

Tip #9

Send Direct Mail

With so many people focused on digital marketing, direct mail is currently an unsaturated marketing channel. About 40 % of those who receive snail mail will read it.

Through postal mail, you can send new-patient promotions and specials such as a free product with an initial consultation. 

Tip #10

Get Comfortable On Camera!

Consider recording videos of yourself explaining your dermatology procedures or talking about skincare issues.


You can even record yourself performing a procedure or surgery while explaining what you are doing.


A video will make a potential patient more comfortable with having you perform the procedure and build trust between you and the prospective patient.

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