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Brazen Marketer is a digital marketing agency owned by Vanessa Matthew dedicated to helping your business grow so that you can live the life you've always wanted.

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As a hidden gem of Harlem for 50+ years, HCC wanted more community engagement. HCC wanted to impact more community residents with its services and saw marketing as the way.

For HCC, the owner of Brazen:

  • Managed social media marketing, event marketing, community outreach, email marketing, and in-house marketing.

  • Redesigned website and wrote all website copy.

  • Designed all marketing materials and templates.

  • Created a photo library of high res photos as the organization's photographer.

Marketing Results

  • Quadrupled social media following - 2500% uptick in social media followers.

  • Tripled program participants and website traffic - 62% growth in program participants.

  • Increase GED program participants by 150% to meet DYCD requirements.

  • Recruit 242 community youth, of which 80% are now college-bound.

  • Increased email open rates by over 100%.

  • Boosted in event attendance by 200%.