Key Steps to Creating Your Own Email Marketing Strategy for Professional Service Providers

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About Vanessa Matthew

With a love for all things creative and all forms of authentic self-expression, I help brands strategically position themselves as a vehicle for customers and clients to experience the emotional benefits of brands while creating monumental brand equity as the founder of Brazen Marketer.


I believe brands and the people behind them can express themselves in an authentic way that connects with others through marketing and a solid brand strategy.


I also have over 15 years of marketing experience, have been a former marketing director, development and communications director, and market researcher.


My previous experience includes work on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, from PepsiCo to Hewlett-Packard to marketing nonprofit anchor institutions.


Academically, I have my Masters in Integrated Marketing from West Virginia University (graduated summa cum laude), certified in Media Management through New York University, and studied Political Science at Tufts University.

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