Indigo Beauty Cosmetics is a brand-new lipstick line created by Tamara Farrell. The brand's name was inspired by her autistic son, an "Indigo" baby. Tamara approached Brazen Marketer for help revamping the look and feel of her brand, including creating her website.

For Indigo, Brazen Marketer created:

  • Created new social media visuals for the brands.

  • Authored SEO-friendly content for social media pages.

  • A compelling brand story for Indigo Beauty Cosmetics.

  • A custom, responsive website design​​​ in Shopify.

  • Conducted hashtag research for social media.

  • A refreshed logo design.

Marketing Results

  • The revamp of Indigo Beauty Cosmetic's social presence.

  • A 150% increase in social media followers in less than 24 hours. 

  • Increased outreach for partnership opportunities.

  • Post engagements increased by 158%.

  • Post reach increased by 40%.

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