6 Awesome Ways You Can Get Your Business In Front of More Client Prospects

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Many people have a lot on their plate. They may need your help, and just do not have the time, energy, or skillset to do what you do best.

That is where you come in. But, you need people to know that you can help them. A few ways to get your business in front of potential clients include:

1. Getting your company listed on local listings.

Great places to start listing your business are Google My Business or Bing Places. And, MOZ local is ideal for identifying, managing, and auditing your local listings.

You can also get your business listed in industry-related trade publications.

2. Connecting with local media publications and stations.

Think about new trends or insights relevant to your ideal target client. Then, pitch presenting them to local outlets. Local media won't know about you unless you make yourself known. And, some smaller media outlets are sources of information for bigger ones.

You never know if this is a channel that can give your business traction unless you try.

3. Building an email marketing list.

An email list can come in handy despite those who say not to worry about building one. With a list of potential client email addresses, you can teach people about your services. You can also share your expertise to build authority and trust.

Even if someone is not ready to do business with you now, you never know when they will be ready. Don't be out of sight, and therefore, out of mind. Start building your list by offering something of value in exchange for an email address.

4. Connecting with complementary businesses.

Complementary businesses are businesses that serve the same audience but don't offer the same service you do. These companies can become great referral sources for new business.

About 90% of new business comes from word-of-mouth marketing, including referrals. With this said, you can grow your business from asking your past and present clients to forward your information to their network.

Create the email for them, so they don't have to do it, and ask them if they can share your crafted email with their contacts.

5. Paying for advertisements.

Start with a small amount of money to test the effectiveness of each advertising channel. Don't spend more than $1,000 within a month to test advertising on as many channels as possible.

Then, chose the one advertising channel that is giving you the most bang for your buck. Let the data decide which channel you are to put your time and resources behind.

6. Creating a great looking website.

Most business owners either do not have a website or they have an old, outdated looking one. But, according to HubSpot, 78% of people search online for a business' website when looking for a professional service provider.

So, you need to make sure that your website looks up-to-date, modern, and professional if you want people to trust you. Think about it, when was the last time you trusted a company with an ugly, broke-down looking website.

In Conclusion

Getting new customers does not come without putting in the effort and investment. If you are serious about the success of your business, you will put in the effort and money to make it work.

No doubt there will be bumps in the road. And if you need more ways to generate leads, check out 4 Time-Honored Mousetraps Proven Effective For More Clients

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