The Brazen Marketer Website Design Process Explained

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It's hard to hire a website designer when you don't know the website design process.

This is why I make the website design process quite simple for my clients. And to make you comfortable with the process, I've detailed it below.

Building a website isn't easy, but the process can be. Negating the client on-boarding process, let's jump into the website design process.

Step 1: The Website Design Discovery Session

A Discovery Session happens after a signed agreement and initial deposit for work. I prefer to hold this session(s) through a Zoom video call to:

  • Determine the visual direction you want to take with your website.

  • Determine what success would look like for you during the first stage of your project.

  • Go over the website features you want and the goals you want to achieve with your website. If you desire changes, this is when we discuss this. These are details that will be in your Agreement.

  • Go over any specific terms/words you would like to use on your website.

  • Cover details of your brand strategy if you have not worked with Brazen Marketer on this before.

Questions I ask about your brand cover your business, ideal clients, and market. I need to know your business well before getting started to build a relationship.

Step 2: Visual Website Design Research

During this step, I create a mood board using Pinterest because it is free and easy to use. I then "pin" images that can provide visual inspiration for your design project.

Ideas can range from other website designs to patterns. I also want to determine the designs and visuals you don't like.

After collecting about 50-100 pins, I'll pick several to discuss for feedback.

Step 3: The Feedback Session

During the feedback session, my goal is to get a solid idea of your website's visual direction(s).

On a video call, we will review designs, colors, illustrations, and what you like and don't like. I also want to know what needs to change.

You then get a week to think about everything and give more feedback. This process takes about 10-14 business days.

Step 4: The Creation of a Digital Wireframe and User Journey

Depending on the size of your website, at times, I may decide to skip creating a wireframe. But, I never skip considerations for the user journey.

And when I create the wireframe or user journey, I take into account:

  • Who your likely website visitors are.

  • What visitors to your website would be looking for.

  • Why would make a person seek services like yours.

  • What people already know about your company.

  • Why they should trust you and the delivery of your services using social proof.

  • Where in the buying cycle your visitors are when they decide to visit your website.

  • The essential services your company offers to clients.

  • What actions you most want prospective clients to take on your website.

Creating a wireframe can take up to a week to do. Again, if I decide to create a wireframe, you, as the client, will need to sign off on everything before the next step.

Step 5: Website Homepage Design

After the wireframe is set, or the user journey is good to go, the homepage will be designed. The homepage sets the visual style for the rest of your website.

And, in a mobile-first world, I design for the mobile experience, but both the desktop and mobile designs need to look great. After the homepage design has been created, I will ask you for feedback and sign off on the homepage design.

Step 6: The Design of More Key Pages

After the homepage, all other website pages will be created. The design of everything will take into consideration your brand strategy.

It will also consider the user journey, visual research, and homepage design. And your design will be as unique as you and your business.

The design of the entire website can take up to 14 business days.

Step 7: Website Programming

After approval, I will program the backend of your website to make sure it works, and your content is on your site. This process takes about 2-4 weeks and includes website, device, and browser tests.

Step 8: Final Design Feedback + Final Invoice

Once the design is complete and programmed, you will be given ten days to provide feedback. After, I will make any last changes and ask for final approval before the site goes live.

Once the final invoice is paid, the website will go live. You then have 30-days of support if anything goes wrong.

Step 9: Website Training

After the website is up and running, Brazen Marketer will show you how to manage your content. You will also learn how to check your Google Analytics.

In Conclusion

The website design process is simple, but the execution is quite detailed. This is why the question, "How much do you charge for a website?" is impossible to answer without a discovery process. All I can give you is a range for what a typical site design would cost.

But, the process allows Brazen Marketer to create awesome websites.

If you would like to get help with your website, let's get started! And, if you would like to get a jumpstart on making sure your website works impeccably for you, check out 5 Dreadful Mistakes To Avoid That Will Ruin Your Website.

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