The Most Common Email Mistakes and How Best to Gracefully Avoid Them

Updated: Jun 12

You may have heard that being a perfectionist is a bad thing. But there is a reason why few planes crash these days.

People will check a plane over, and then over again, to ensure a safe flight for passengers.

When managing an email campaign, you must double-check your emails the same way before it goes out. This tip is not to say that mistakes will not happen. But, checking over things like your writing reduces glaring errors.

Remember that once an email goes out, that's it. Sending a bunch of emails to your subscribers for a typo is not an option. The exception being if the error resulted in a broken link or misinformation.

Steps To Reducing Typos

So, to lessen typos, here is what I do. I check my content four times. I check my content using Grammarly.

Then, I check my content with the Hemingway App. Next, I check my content with Microsoft Word. And lastly, I have my computer read my content back to me.

If anything slips through the cracks after these four checks, I can't beat myself up too much because I tried my best.

And, grammar checks are essential, as frequent errors reflect poorly on your brand.

Other Mistakes To Avoid + Apologizing

Another mistake you want to avoid would be sending an email to the wrong list. It happens, and all you can do is contact your email recipients to explain what happened.

You also want to apologize to:

  • Assure your list that you are taking steps to avoid future errors.

  • If you've sent an email with the wrong information or broken links.

Sending an email with either mistake could impact an entire campaign. So, you'll have no choice but to send a follow-up email with the correct information as soon as you find out about the error.

The Beauty of the "Oops Email"

To fix a mistake I made a few months ago, I admitted to my blunder with an "Oops" email. This is a perfect email to send if you've done something in error.

People may think that you need a spectacular subject line for this email. But, I am here to say, "Oops! I'm So Sorry," worked very well. I think the subject line was respected because I was transparent. I was being human and had the guts to own up to my mistakes.

But, a word of caution. Don't send the same email with the same subject line. How will people know you are trying to own up to anything?

Tips on Writing The Oops Email

Also, the body of this email should be different. It should admit the error with possibly with a bit of humor considering how serious the error.

In my case, I provided an incentive for the person to stay on my email list. Anyone who didn't immediately unsubscribe was presented with 25% off a future marketing service.

The Checklist You Need To Quality Check Your Emails

Now, there are other mistakes you can make, but these are the main ones. And, I know I mentioned the importance of reviewing your content and delivery settings for your emails. But, here's one last tip -- create a checklist.

Your checklist should include:

  • Reviewing your content in The Hemingway App

  • Reviewing your content in Grammarly

  • Reviewing your content in Microsoft Word

  • Reading your content out loud or having your computer read it

  • Link checking

  • Checking merge tags (or the tag used to auto-populate information into an email like first names).

  • Checking that the appropriate list was selected.

Key Takeaway

The biggest entrepreneurial lesson I've learned is that you're always doing something wrong. The key is to catch mistakes quickly and fix problems fast.

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