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4 Non-Basic Ways To Grow Your Event Business That Just Make Sense

Updated: Mar 6

Do you have an event planning business? Do you know anyone who does? If you do, you may know that savvy marketing for new leads and referrals is the lifeblood of their operation.

Now, networking is always a winner when it comes to getting new clients, so let's go a step further. Here are some things you, or someone you know, may not be thinking about doing to grow their event planning business.

1. Sending a quarterly email to one's contact list to get more leads.

Quick question. Of the top 5 friends you have in your life, can you tell me what they all do for a living?

If you can say what they do, then a round of applause is owed to you. But most people cannot. People don't always keep track of what others are doing in their professional life. So, do this.

Create a freebie. Something informative or fun that someone of your target audience would enjoy. Tell your contacts that you have this freebie and that you would be willing to share.

Let them know you will share it with them to share it with someone who would enjoy the material. This way, you are not selling your business but proving your value.

It's also a great way to make an introduction.

2. Dig your heels in on getting your family and friends on-board, because if you've got them, use them.

Now, my first step said to email everyone. Next, you are to post on your own social media page, and not just your business page about your business once a week.

Also, text your friends and family members, give them some of your business cards, and give them finder's fees for new leads.

You also want to ask them to share your social media posts and website on their Facebook page.

3. Reach out to complementary businesses, establish a co-marketing relationship.

For example, an event planner can partner with a florist. The marketing arrangement would be only limited by your creativity. Some great ways to cross-promote include:

  • Guest blogging on each other's blogs.

  • Sharing feature spots on each other's newsletters.

  • Offering special promotions to the audiences of each other's businesses.

4. Ask to leave business cards at vendor locations like florists, caterers, and bakers.

Sometimes, it's not about whom you know, but who knows the people whom you want to know.

And, depending on your market, make sure your marketing materials, such as business cards, set the right tone.

If your audience is budget-conscious, don't emboss your card in gold and make it feel velvety. It looks expensive, which will make people feel like you are expensive.

Now, if coming off as a luxe company is the aim, go right ahead and get fancy cards.

The Bottom Line

No matter whether you are an event planner, or know someone who is, it is time to get savvier with your marketing.

For this entire post, I had to ask myself, if someone reads this, will they say, "so what"?

So, I hope this article instead makes you think of new ways to approach your business growth. I hope it reminds you always to be promoting and that you can tap your network creative ways.

Don't just attend network events. Maximize the reach of the people around you and connect with others.

And, I know this may all seem overwhelming. No one said this all had to be done in a day, week, or month. Do what you can with the time you have.

Just don't become stagnant.