How To Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Most businesses get found online from a simple search by someone looking for information. This means that people must be able to find your company when looking for what you offer. It all begins with understanding the client's journey.

The Client Journey

The client journey is pretty simple. It follows along with the predictable ways you think people will discover your business online.

The search always begins with Internet research. So, think through some of the search terms people would use to find your business online specifically.

Where does this search lead them? Most often, a website. Do you have a website? Do you have a 'Google My Business' page? You cannot be found if you aren't there.

Let's say you're a dermatologist who specializes in skincare for people of color. When people search for your specialty, will they find you?

Being present at these moments of greatest influence is what you must aim to achieve. These are called micro-moments. They happen when a person is looking for something that satisfies what they want or need.

Four possible micro-moments, for let's say, a bride-to-be could be:

  • I want to know if there are any dermatologist in my area

  • I want to go to one of the best dermatologist for melanated skin in NYC

  • I want to try using dermabrasion

  • I want to buy a dermabrasion for a dermatologist who specialized in the skin care of black and brown people.

Again, you want to be present for these moments to increase your chances of getting new business. So, let's discuss three great places for your business to be present. Here's how to capitalize on micro-moments.

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Your Mobile-Friendly Website

According to Forbes, more clients want to be mobile-only digital users. Create more vibrant content for each client touchpoint to benefit your business.

Capitalize on 'Want-To-Know Moments' by creating compelling, targeted content. The content should also be easy to scan.

Take advantage of 'Want-To-Go Moments' by using keyword research for what people are looking for most. Use the keywords throughout your website copy.

Creating videos on how to do stuff is great for getting people to connect with you for 'Want-To-Do Moments' on your site, too.

You can also take advantage of 'Want-To-Buy Moments' by driving sales through social media and email marketing. You can also move people to a sale with strong calls-to-action.

Social Media Sites Like Facebook and Instagram

One of the best opportunities for a business to reach new clients is on Facebook. Millions of people are on Facebook, making it easier for people to find boutique companies on its platform.

Just make sure to fill out your entire profile. Many businesses leave out the about section and contact information, but people want to know about your business, so let them know.

As for Instagram, it has been profitable for many businesses as videos and pictures allow you to share engaging content. You also want to create an Instagram bio describing your business, and I strongly suggest changing your account to a business profile.

A business profile allows you to see Instagram post analytics, otherwise known as the data behind how people are engaging with your Instagram posts.

Care About Value, Not Your Follower Count

You don't need millions of social media followers. What you want are people who are genuinely interested in what your business has to offer.

Think of it like a birthday party. If one person shows, we don't cancel our party. We party with that person and have a good time.

If 50 people show up, you would think you are one popular person and be grateful to those who came out to show you love.

If 600 people came, you might not know what to do with yourself.

People want millions of social media followers but forget that like a party, 50 attendees is a lot of people, too.

Google and Yelp for Business

As for Yelp, did you know that clients can create a Yelp page for you? I am certain you want to control this narrative. So, get on Yelp if you haven't. See if you already have a page and claim it if you do.

If a page exists, see if it has reviews. If reviews are good, promote your business page. If not, fix your profile and work on getting better reviews before promoting your page.

Your profile must be complete to increase your page rank. You should also list all relevant business categories and build a photo gallery.

And when describing your business, be sure to use keyword phrases in it so that people can find your business. Next, get those reviews up!

As for Google, do you know about 'Google My Business'? Google is the most frequently used search engine in the world. It averages about 7.8 billion searches daily, according to Vertical Response.

Google search can provide high visibility to businesses based on micro-moments.

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