The Pros and Cons of Listing Your Service Prices on Your Website

Updated: Jun 14

Many service-based businesses hesitate to put their prices on their website. But, studies say that customers like seeing exact rates or price ranges.

Let's explore some of the reasons you should list your pricing on your website. I will also debunk some pricing myths.

6 Reasons To List Prices On Your Website

1. Saves Time

Not listing prices can rub some people the wrong away. No one likes to waste their time. And taking time out of one's day to call you to find out your prices is not ideal.

It is the last thing many people want to do.

2. Let's People Qualify Themselves

Think of the time you'll save trying to convince someone that your service is worth the price tag. Those who can't afford you will keep it moving.

3. Removes Pricing Assumptions

Many luxury brands hide prices or make them a little hard to find. So, if you do the same, people will assume that your pricing is up there too, if it isn't.

4. Can Be A Differentiator

Pricing can reinforce your brand position. It can show whether you are competing on price or value. It can also let others judge what level you're playing at.

5. Anchors Discounts

It's hard to say you are offering discounts if you don't have a pricing baseline. If you say 10% off your product or service, it means nothing without a starting price.

6. Helps Prospects Budget

Let's say your service is out of a prospect's price range right now. But, let's say they still want to work with you. Knowing your prices can help a person save up for your services. Or, they may need your pricing to budget for your products or services in the future.

6 Reasons NOT To List Your Prices - Debunked

1. Your Products or Services Are Custom

If you provide custom pricing, it can be hard to list a price. The best you can do is to let people know the starting price for your products or services. You can even consider listing price ranges for custom products or services completed.

2. Your Product or Service Is Best Sold Over The Phone

The value of your product or service should be clear from your website. Your content should be able to convince someone that your product or service is worth the price tag. If not, you need help with your content.

3. People Buy From You Once They Know You

People should get to know you. But, getting to know you won't change whether they can afford you. Give people the chance to get to know you from seeing your video content or from free classes. This way, they get to know you on some level before doing business with you.

4. Don't Want To Be A Commodity

People who are shopping based on price alone will do so. Do you want someone looking to nickel and dime your services?

Do you want someone who tries to haggle you down on the price of your products? Let those who care more about price than quality or value find the cheapest thing out there. Believe me. Most live to regret it anyway.

5. If Marketed To They May Buy In The Future

A freebie for an email address is a great way to continue building a relationship with a site visitor.

Once they are on your email list, you can educate them on your value and become your customer or refer you to others. Do this instead of hiding your prices.

6. Competition

Well, it doesn't make sense to hide your prices if you fear your competition knowing. People can act like they want your product or service to find out. And, customers are going to tell others what they paid. Don't let this be your reason not to post prices.

So, What Now?

All the above is not to say that you can't still hide your prices. Just think about what is most beneficial to the potential customer or client.

Don't make the decision not to post pricing because you're afraid of what could happen. If you are sure you don't list your prices, let people know why they must talk with you first.

All I can say is test it. Put prices on your website for a few months and see if you get more inquiries. And if you are trying to perfect your website and having a hard time, check out 5 Dreadful Mistakes To Avoid That Will Ruin Your Website.

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