The Leap Network - Case Study

Learn how a medical client and recruitment firm achieved a professional digital experience.


The Leap Network is a healthcare recruitment agency focused on placing talented healthcare professionals in community hospitals and federally qualified health centers.

The owner desired to establish an online home for The Leap Network to connect with more medical clients and candidates.


Before coming to Brazen Marketer, The Leap Network owner created a brand identity for the company. The desire was not to change the brand identity but to infuse a personality and brand position into the existing brand identity that was not crystal clear so that potential clients and candidates connect more deeply with the brand and owner. To accomplish this, LEAP needed a brand strategy and a professional website.


Brazen Marketer began this project with a situational analysis and competitive landscape overview. Brazen Marketer also sought to better understand The Leap Network's target market's wants and needs using secondary research.

A brand strategy and communications strategy was then created from market research to develop The Leap Network's new website and website content. The new website was created with a job board and blog and accompanied by social media posts and email marketing content.


"A big shout out to my marketer Vanessa of Brazen Marketer for being an amazing consultant through the website design process for The Leap Network, LLC. Your expertise, hard work, creativity, diligence, and thoughtful approach to my business and vision are extremely appreciated.

You know you've found something special when making that monthly vendor payment is more of a celebration than a pain point. Of course, I'd rather keep my money. But at the end of the day, I'm investing in another entrepreneur. Pay it forward!

In closing, support businesses owned and operated by people of color. That's REAL Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work.

If we don't do it, we can't complain when others don't.

With that being said, if anyone is looking for an amazing marketer, holla at Brazen Marketer! I recommend her without reservation!"

- Bobby Tugbiyele, CEO | The Leap Network

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