Avoid These 10 Website Mistakes or Lose Client Prospects

Updated: Jun 14

Websites are a great way to bring in new business clients. And, the way they are designed can impact how many visitors become leads. So, your website looking great and functioning well is essential. Increase your website's performance by avoiding these ten website design mistakes.

1. Creating Rotating Header Images With Text

Studies show that you might as well deem the content on those images non-existent. Let me know if you can remember the content on an image once it scrolls by. I doubt it. People pay more attention to the movement than the message.

2. Using An Under Construction Sign on Your Website

If your website is not ready for the world, direct people to a social media page. You can also just ask people to contact you directly.

3. Writing Long Paragraphs

When you break up your paragraphs into 3-4 lines of text, it is easier for people to read. It is easier for people to understand.

Your goal should always be to make it easier for people to consume your content. How else will they learn from you and see you as a trusted resource?

4. Not Updating Your Copyright Year

The copyright on your website should update every year. Outdated copyrights may make people think your company is not actively operating.

5. Creating Long Pages

There is something called a false bottom. It is the point in which a person feels like your website page should've ended. I say that your website page should stop after 3 to 4 full scrolls.

You may be saying, "I see websites, especially blogs, that are long as hell." Yes. But do you appreciate it?

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6. Missing Call To Actions

Is your business looking for more customers, clients, or even email addresses?

If so, there should be prompts for people who visit your website to take action. Call to actions include prompts to call, buy, sign-up, etc.

7. Missing What Your Company Does

Don't let a person land on your website and not know what you do or offer as soon as your page loads. If people have to figure it out, they will leave your website.

And, be sure to add some testimonials and proof that you know what you are doing.

8. Missing Product or Service Benefits

If what you offer isn't useful, it is useless. And what is useful about a product or service is its ability to solve a problem.

Are you letting people know what problem you are solving for them?

I am not talking about, for example, event planning helping to produce an event. I am talking about it solving a problem like giving a marketing director time back in her schedule to market an event to hit her numbers rather than worry about the ins and outs of coordinating event logistics.

9. Writing Hard To Read Content

Why would you make it hard for people to see the most important factor in them doing business or buying from you?

I am talking about light-colored fonts like gray. Or, using small fonts that people need to pull out their glasses to see.

16px font and up, please! Skip trying to be "cute."

10. Using a Long Domain Name

Long domain names are hard to remember. Keeping your domain name short and simple will keep it memorable. Don't you want people to remember your website name?

So, no, your website should not be "theresasfabulouseventplanningbiz.com."

Avoid These Mistakes - Hire A Pro!

You should view your website as an investment in the future growth of your business. And you should invest in a website designer who has studied conversion rate optimization and website design. Someone who will focus on design and whether your website can turn clicks into clients. With Brazen Marketer, you'll get a website worth every penny because design decisions are grounded in data. And, I have the case studies to prove what I can do.

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