Refer a Professional Service Provider or Nonprofit

A professional service provider would be a lawyer, accountant, engineer, therapist, coach, etc.

Brazen Marketer Helps Business Owners With...

Brand Strategy

The creation of a game plan for how a business owner will attract clients or customers to their business.

Lead Generation

Marketing activities focused on getting people in the door to a business.

Lead Nurture

Marketing activities used to stay relevant and present to ideal clients.

This Real Means We Help With...

Brand Strategy Development

The creation of a brand platform for effective brand visuals and content.

Website Design Services

The creation of a marketing platform able to convert visitors into leads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media management on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Email Marketing

The creation of timely, personal, and relevant emails to your contacts.

What's In This For You...

Help people you care about or think is pretty cool or okay be great. It is a great feeling to help someone when you're moved to do so. 

Get praised for making a difference in another person's life and business. What's better than being a catalyst to the success of someone you love, care about, or just really like. 


In the spirit of good karma, you can even refer me to someone you just met if they sound like they need my help.

So far, clients have shown me so much love and appreciation. With my help, they were able to spend more time operating their business than promoting it. That means, less sleepless nights.

Together, we can help people, help people who need help.

Businesses Not To Refer:

  • Individuals, companies, or organizations looking for free marketing support or pro-bono work.​

  • Those who are looking for a share in Brazen Marketer's equity.​

  • Those who are looking for internal roles. These individuals may be convinced to use an external marketing person. But, these individuals typically want an internal person for a reason.


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